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This Regulatory Stock Review Plan is a public list and description of planned reviews of regulations that the Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC)is proposing within a six year period. It is intended to give Canadians, including businesses and Indigenous peoples, and trading partners, greater opportunity to inform the reviews of regulations and to plan for the future.

The stock review plan identifies a FPCC contact point for the planned reviews. The stock review plan will be adjusted and updated over time to reflect the FPCC’s regulatory priorities and changes to the operating environment.

Title of the Regulations

Federal Delegation Orders under the Agricultural Products Marketing Act

Enabling Act

Agricultural Products Marketing Act


To ensure the regulation is effective in achieving objectives.


As a result of a review of the regulatory framework under the APMA, conducted by the FPCC and AAFC, and recommendations from the Standing Joint Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations, improvements have been identified to be made to the APMA. Updates to individual orders identified as a priority are being implemented.

Date of last review or amendment

SOR/93-382 (repealed)
2017: SOR/2017-192
Review of the regulatory framework initiated

Targeted start for review


Stakeholder Feedbac

Consultations on all proposed amendments are conducted with provincial commodity boards and provincial supervisory boards on an ongoing basis.


  • Reviewed and confirmed
  • Amended
  • Removed
  • Replaced

Orders arebeing amended or repealed in collaboration with the commodity boards and provincial supervisory boards.

For further information

Link to FPCC Forward Regulatory Plan

Farm Products Council of Canada contact information

Carole Gendron, Director,
Farm Products Council of Canada
Regulatory and Sectoral Affairs

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