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The Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC) works on behalf of the Government of Canada to help all Canadians have affordable and continuous access to the foods they need while maintaining fair market prices for the farmer.

FPCC’s specific role is to provide oversight of the national supply management agencies for poultry and egg, as well as to supervise national promotion and research agencies for farm products.  FPCC is responsible for administering two federal laws, the Farm Products Agencies Act (FPAA) and the Agricultural Products Marketing Act (APMA).

The Council is composed of at least three members, and may have up to seven. At least half of these members must be primary producers at the time of their appointment. Members are appointed by Cabinet for terms of varying length. The Chairman is also the Deputy Head of the organization and the only full-time Council member.  In carrying out its responsibilities, the FPCC works through its Chairman, Council members and FPCC staff.