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FPCC conducts its affairs in an open environment exposing it to internal and external influences from a vast array of stakeholders. It also must navigate through various provincial and federal jurisdictions. The mission, vision, organizational commitments and value proposition were put in place to position the FPCC as positive, neutral and helpful.

FPCC’s mission

FPCC is an active participant in ensuring that all Canadians benefit from the marketing, promotion and research of agricultural products.

FPCC’s vision

FPCC is known for its leadership in maintaining and promoting efficient and competitive agricultural industries.

FPCC Governance

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food provides the Chairman with a written mandate, directing work to be done and stating his expectations for FPCC.

FPCC Priorities (as set out in the 2017-18 Annual Report)

  1. Ensure agencies continue to understand our respective roles as we work together to maintain and promote an efficient and competitive agriculture industry.
  2. Work with agencies to ensure that reports to Parliament are performance-oriented and consistent with the Government of Canada’s focus on results, openness and transparency.
  3. Work with agencies to ensure that the details of the operations of the supply management systems for poultry and eggs are communicated to FPCC for public reporting.
  4. Engage with provincial supervisory boards in maintaining and promoting an efficient and competitive agricultural industry.
  5. Support the Governor in Council appointment process by developing position profiles for board positions and providing other relevant information to help inform the appointment process.
  6. Continue to promote and work towards the creation of promotion and research agencies.
  7. Continue to develop internal expertise and improve administrative and business processes and, where warranted, work with AAFC to assess the potential impact of applicable trade negotiations.

Value proposition

FPCC provides guidance and support to each sector in developing the Canadian market in a creative and competitive spirit.

FPCC is a transparent and independent body providing a broader perspective on the impacts of the marketing, as well as the promotion and research systems on all Canadians.

FPCC has an in-depth knowledge of the Government of Canada which facilitates regulatory processes.

FPCC draws on its experience with agencies to provide creative solutions.