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The Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Agency (PRA) was established on December 16, 2020, under Part III of the Farm Products Agencies Act.

The Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Agency will be administered by a 12-member board of directors comprised of nine provincial pork producers, one member representing importers, and two members from other segments of the pork value chain.

The PRA has authority to promote the production and marketing of hogs and pork products for the purposes of interprovincial, export and import trade and to conduct promotion and research activities related to those farm products.

By providing a stable funding source for its activities through the collection of levies, the Agency will help pork producers expand their markets and increase sales. Consumers will benefit also from increased access to information on pork products, including their quality, and their nutritional profiles.

The PRA will take all reasonable steps to promote a high degree of cooperation among its members, each provincial pork association and importers of hogs and pork products.

Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Agency Proclamation
Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Agency