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The Canadian Beef Cattle Research Market Development and Promotion Agency (Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency) was established in 2002 under Part III of the FPAA, when its first Proclamation was registered.

The Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency is run by a 16-member board of directors comprised of: provincial cattle producers (10), four members named by the Canadian Meat Council, one representative of importers and another member from the retail and food service sector.

Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency has authority to promote the marketing and production of beef cattle, beef and beef products for the purposes of interprovincial, export and import trade and to conduct and promote research activities related to beef and beef products. Every person who sells beef cattle in interprovincial trade pays the Agency a levy of $1.00 for each head of beef cattle sold.

In 2010, the Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency Working Group was formed to investigate and develop a new organizational structure for maximizing efficiencies for domestic and international beef marketing activities.  The Working Group’s final report, released in January 2011, recommended the merging of the Canadian Beef Export Federation (CBEF), the Beef Information Centre (BIC) and the Agency into a restructured Agency.  As part of this merger, the Agency changed its name to Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency.

The agency helps beef producers expand their markets and increase sales. Consumers benefit as well from an increased access to information on beef products, including their quality, and their nutritional profile.

The agency provides a stable funding source for research, market development and promotion activities through levies on domestic and imported beef and beef products.

Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency Proclamation
Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency