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The FPCC’s duties include advising the Minister on all matters relating to the establishment and operation of PRA s under the Act. The Council reviews the operations of these agencies, ensuring they meet their objectives. Council also works with agencies to advance more effective marketing, research and promotion of farm products. The current mission of the FPCC includes facilitating the establishment of PRAs under the Act where there is producer support to do so.


  • Producers and importers of a farm product collectively support consumer, product and process research and promote marketing and consumer awareness.
  • A levy can be collected on domestic, export and import sales of the product to provide funds for the PRAs activities.
  • Activities can be national, regional or provincial.
  • PRA funds projects that can be complemented by funds from federal and provincial government programs.

Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency

Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency

Legal Aspects, see the Farm Products Agencies Act

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on PRAs

Promotion and Research Agencies Establishment Guidelines

Process Summary