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The FPCC is composed of at least three members, and may have up to seven. At least half of these members must be primary producers at the time of their appointment. Members are appointed by Cabinet for terms of varying length. The Chairman is also the Deputy Head of the organization and the only full-time Council member.

Mike Pickard, Interim Chairperson (2013–2019)

Mike Pickard is a resident of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Formerly the owner of a broiler chicken operation, Mr. Pickard also served as a Director with the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan (2007-2013) as well as the Chicken Farmers of Canada (2008-2013). While with the Chicken Farmers of Canada, his contributions included serving on its Consumer Relations and on its Finance Committees. He is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick and has three children.

Maryse Dubé, Member (2015–2018)

Maryse Dubé completed her law degree at Laval University in 1996 and was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1997. As a lawyer and a partner of Sylvestre & Associés since 2004, Mrs. Dubé works in commercial and food law representing several financial institutions. She also represents small to medium-sized enterprises in security law, bankruptcy, commercial litigation and corporate law (manufacturing and agricultural components). Mrs. Dubé is very active in her economic and social milieu and serves on numerous corporate boards and community organizations. She was President of the Bar of the Richelieu Division in 2014 and served on the Executive Committee of the Quebec Bar.
Maryse Dubé 

Kimberley Hill, Member (2015–2018)

Kimberley Hill is the President of Bridge Strategies, Inc., a consulting firm in Saskatchewan providing a variety of management services to companies and organizations in the agribusiness sector. Over the last few years she played an integral part in growing businesses and organizations through business incubation. Mrs. Hill also has extensive experience in the value added food industry, working with the Saskatchewan Food Processors Association as Program Director/Controller and was the key driver of the Saskatchewan Made Program in the early 2000's. Prior to her work at the Saskatchewan Food Processors Association, she managed a food processing plant located in rural Saskatchewan. Mrs. Hill resides in Saskatoon with her husband Bob. They have two children.
Kimberley Hill