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Canadian Industrial Hemp PRA Sitting in Winnipeg

The sitting, held on January 29 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the establishment of a Canadian Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Agency is now concluded. All material submitted and presented, as well as discussions of the public hearing, via the transcriptions, are posted. For a copy of the proposal and other documents please use this link.The Panel is now tasked with reviewing, evaluating and analyzing the whole file.

The Panel will make its report and recommendations to the Council members, who will then report and make recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

On October 17, 2017, the Farm Products Council of Canada received, from the Canadian Hemp Producers, a proposal to establish a Canadian Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Agency, to be funded by levies. The FPCC is reviewing the proposal. To view the proposal, please follow this link.

A Panel was appointed by Brian Douglas, FPCC Chairman, to examine the merits of establishing a PRA under Part III of the Farm Products Agencies Act. The two Panel members are Mike Pickard, Chair, and Yvon Cyr, Panel member.

Applicant:Canadian Hemp Producers

Proposal: Application for the creation of a Canadian Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Agency

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