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Name and/or Organization

File Number (PDF)

Type of Submission or Comment

Lawrence Buchan CPC2015-0001-O-on Comment in opposition
Barry Peterson  CPC2015-0002-O-bc  Comment in opposition 
John Bond  CPC2015-0003-O-on Comment in opposition 
Barbi Lazarus CPC2015-0006-O-on Comment in opposition
James Laws, Canadian Meat Council CPC2015-0004-S-on  Comment in support
Stewart Cressman, Swine Innovation Porc CPC2015-0007-S-qc Comment in support
Martha Wilder, Pet Food Association of Canada CPC2015-0008-O-on  Comment in opposition 
Robert deValk, Canadian Association of Regulated Importers CPC2015-0009-O-on Comment in opposition
Rory McAlpine, Maple Leaf Foods CPC2015-0010-S-on Comment in support
Margo Watt CPC2015-0011-O-xx Comment in opposition
Pamela Fergusson CPC2015-0012-O-xx Comment in opposition
Shâne Gordon CPC2015-0013-O-xx Comment in opposition 
Diane S. CPC2015-0014-O-xx Comment in opposition 
Jason McLinton, Retail Council of Canada CPC2015-0015-O-on  Comment in opposition
Joy Nott and Keith Mussar, Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters CPC2015-0016-O-on Comment in support
Holly Higgins, Minister Counselor, Foreign Agricultural Services, USDA CPC2015-0026-C-us Comment