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According to the By-Law Governing the Administration of the Complaints received by the Farm Products Council of Canada, a Complaint under paragraph 10 (2) must include the following information:

a) the specific operations of the Respondent Agency that is the subject of the Complaint;

b) an explanation of how the Complainant has an interest or is being directly affected by the operations of the Respondent Agency;

c) a concise statement of the grounds and rationale for the Complaint;

d) the Complaint Committee conclusions and or remedies being sought;

e) a list of Documents enumerating all the Documents that the Complainant intends to use in evidence to support its position with the Documents numbered consequently therein in ascending alpha-numerical order, starting with C-1, C-2, C-3 and so on;

f ) any Documents supporting the Complainant’s position; and

g) one email address as contact for the Registrar.

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FPCC Complaint By-Law
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